S. Lochlann Jain, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Professor S. Lochlann Jain’s research is primarily concerned with the ways in which stories get told about injuries, how they are thought to be caused, and how that matters. Figuring out the political and social significance of these stories has led to the study of law, product design, medical error, and histories of engineering, regulation, corporations, and advertising. Her widely reviewed book, Injury, (Princeton University Press, 2006) aims to better understand how certain products come to be understood as dangerous, while others do not -- and what these differences can illustrate about differences such as race and gender and historically contingent notions such as responsibility and negligence. Jain’s current work offers an analysis of the cause and treatment of cancer as a key modality through which American high-tech is experienced and explained. She teaches the Revs sponsored course Car Culture.

Car Culture

Barbara A. Karanian, Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Founder of the Design Entrepreneuring Studio, Barbara A. Karanian, Ph.D. is the author of, “Working Connection: The Relational Art of Leadership;” “Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Balancing Act in Engineering and Science;” “Analyzing Engineering Design Stories -Predicting Engagement;” and “Open Process for Entrepreneuring Team Collaboration: Story Parallels from an Academic Design Team to the Studied Start-Up.” Barbara makes productive partnerships with industry and creates collaborative teams with members from the areas of engineering, design, psychology, and communication. She bridges the intersection of Silicon Valley and Hollywood with story driven initiatives.  Barbara developed and teaches the Revs course, ME 236, Tales to Design Cars By.

Tales to Design Cars By

John Kegelman, Graduate Student, Dynamic Design Lab

John Kegelman is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University in the Dynamic Design Lab under Professor Chris Gerdes.  He designs the sensing systems for the Revs Program vehicles with a focus on integrating inertial measurements, GPS, and video. As a teenager Kegelman repaired small engines to sustain his lawn care business.  He purchased his own car at sixteen and enjoyed the maintenance and repair projects that came with it, including a complete rebuild of the manual transmission.  

Exploring Driver Psychophysiology

David Kelley, Donald W. Whittier Professor in Mechanical Engineering and founder of IDEO

After earning his master's in 1978 from Stanford's Joint Program in Design Professor Kelley started his own design firm, IDEO, a worldwide leader in the user-centered design of products, services, and environments.  IDEO is recognized as much for its process and culture as for its work.  Kelley also began teaching design at Stanford in 1978, and became a tenured professor in 1991.  Kelley founded Stanford's (the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design), and is on a mission to add "design thinking" to Stanford's existing competence of teaching analytical thinking."  This will result in  students who create delightful design experiences and embrace and promote a culture of innovation.  Kelley is an advisor to the Revs Program.


Judging Historical Significance: The Automobile

Joseph Kott, Lecturer and Visiting Scholar, Program on Urban Studies at Stanford

Since 2004, Dr. Kott has taught "Planning Sustainable Urban and Regional Transportion" within the Stanford Program on Urban Studies. This course explores the relationship between the transportation system in cities and regions and community environmental, social, and economic well-being. Prior to forming his own consulting firm, Kott held senior positions as a transportation planner with the County of San Mateo, Wilbur Smith Associates in San Francisco, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates in San Francisco, and as Chief Transportation Official for the City of Palo Alto. He has been a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) since 1982 and in 2007 was awarded Professional Transportation Planner (PTP) certification from the Transportation Professional Certification Board Inc., an affiliate of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, achieving the highest certification test score in the nation.

Sustainable Urban and Regional Transportation Planning

Greg Kress, Graduate Student, Center for Design Research

Greg Kress is a designer, entrepreneur and Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering in the Stanford Center for Design Research. His research activities include developing tools and methods to encourage radical creativity, modeling team cognition to predict design performance, and investigating trends in the future of the internet and society. Greg is the creator and project lead of the ME211 Remake: Design Restoration class, the co-founder of the Imaginary Lab, and a lecturer and coach for the capstone Masters course ME310: Global Design Innovation at Stanford University. He is a summa cum laude graduate of the Engineering Physics program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 


Cadillac ReMake: Design Lessons from Restoration , Re-Make: Design Restoration: Cadillac Design Restoration

Jackie Liao, Graduate Student, Dynamic Design Lab

Jackie Liao is a MS student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University in the Dynamic Design Lab (DDL) under Professor Chris Gerdes.  He designs the sensing systems for the Revs Program vehicles with a focus on driver input measurements such as steering wheel angle, throttle, brake and clutch measurements. At the DDL, Liao works on projects including a modular electric vehicle, an active suspension module and an electric dynamometer. For the past two summers, he spent his time in Detroit developing objective tire metrics for Ford Motor Company.

Exploring Driver Psychophysiology

Michael T. Lynch, Researcher

Michael T. Lynch is an internationally known American author, journalist, and automotive historian, specializing in auto racing and high-end special interest automobiles. His byline has appeared in American periodicals including Road & Track, Automobile Magazine, Sports Car International, Cavallino Magazine, Forza, Vintage Motorsport and many others.  Lynch holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and an M.B.A. degree in Finance and Marketing from Harvard University. He also has a Masters in Electronic Commerce from National University.

Peter Mangiafico, Product Manager, Stanford Libraries

Peter Mangiafico is a Product Manager for the Revs Program in the Digital Library Systems and Services group.  He is working on digitizing and making materials from the Revs Institute and the Revs Program available to researchers and the general public. He has recently worked on projects with Visionlearning, the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, MA, Harvard University, and the Advent of Complex Life NASA Astrobiology team.  He worked for several years on the Encyclopedia of Life project, and has previously worked as a software engineer, project manager, high school teacher, and NASA researcher.

The Revs Digital Library

Bruce McCaw, Business Executive and Philanthropist

Bruce R. McCaw is one of the founders of McCaw Cable Television, which became McCaw Cellular Communications and later AT&T Wireless, as well as Director and originator of Claircom Communications (AT&T's air-to-ground telephone network). He co-founded Horizon Air, which was later sold to Alaska Airlines. In addition to an avid enthusiasm for aviation, McCaw also collects classic automobile race cars and competes in vintage racing events. He serves in various capacities for several charitable foundations and organizations. McCaw is an advisor to the Revs Program.