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New Video: Historic Vehicles Changing Student Trajectories

In our latest video looking inside the Revs Program, student researchers reflect on their experiences working on the historic vehicles of the The Collier Collection and the impact these vehicles have had on their research and career perspectives. The Collier Collection of Automobiles and a major research library are part of the Revs Institute for Automotive research in Naples, FL. The video was created to mark the public opening of the Revs Institute on March 25.

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New Video: "Who Will Be Driving on the Highway of the Future?"

Revs Director Chris Gerdes highlights great mobility work at Stanford, including the student-built P1 vehicle and Shelley, an Audi TTS. He emphasizes the importance of safety and the role of the "big red button" as well as issues around ethics -- are self driving vehicles cars, or robots?

This Stanford+Connects micro lecture was filmed on location in Pasadena, California. Stanford+Connects is a program of the Stanford Alumni Association.

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Filming 'Lockport' for Stanford's Documentary Film Program

A part of the Revs Program's grant to Stanford's documentary MFA film program, students Lauren DeFilippo and Henry Wiener focused on a manufacturing town in Lockport, NY. Read about their experience and view the trailer of their film below. The full version is headed to film festivals this year and will be available for viewing here on the Revs website in 12 months.


If Lockport, NY is supposed to be an example of a blue collar town hit hard by the economic downturn, you couldn't tell it from Building 7.

Lauren DeFilippo and I filmed at the General Motors Components... Read More

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Inquiry sparks further research in Urban Studies 167

This quarter in Urban Studies 167: The Automobile, the City and the New Mobilities, we continue to grapple with questions central to the future of the automobile-city relationship.

Looking backward historically, we’ve looked at the fallacy of the most common wisdom about the automobile’s effect on urban development – that the car destroyed the city by congesting it, polluting it, and then abandoning it in favor of the cultural wasteland of mass suburbia. In fact, I would argue, the automobile was a technology appropriate to its historical moment that helped to usher in an expanded... Read More

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Automotive History Conference Coming to Stanford in 2014

The Revs Program at Stanford is proud to announce that the 10th Biennial Automotive History Conference will come to Stanford April 10-12, 2014. Various parts of the conference will take place at Stanford's Automotive Innovation Facility and many Stanford professors and researchers will have roles in the event.

The theme for the conference is 'The Evolution of Automotive Technology' — the continuing development of the motor vehicle and its process of manufacture over a 120-year history. Although considered by many to have reached a plateau a half-century ago, the industry and its... Read More