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Great Automotive Classes at Stanford This Autumn Quarter

Among the many wonderful educational opportunities for Stanford students this fall, a number have a decidedly automotive focus. The Revs Program at Stanford is proud to support these classes and even in cases where we are not the supporting organization, we still recommend them highly. The breadth of learning here spans disciplines such as design thinking, environment and resources, mechanical engineering and urban studies. In all cases students will be able to interact with the automobile and transportation in ways that will impact their other coursework.ME 292: Humanize My Ride:... Read More

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Stanford Students Award 2014 Revs Program at Stanford Award During Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

After Stanford's ME200 students did their final round of judging -- a process that started in May during Spring term and finished this Sunday at Pebble Beach -- one car stood atop them all: The 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa 0704 owned by Thomas Hartley, Jr., of Derbyshire, United Kingdom. The students presented the trophy on the stage during Sunday's 64th Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The vehicle was among 12 Ferrari 'TRs' on the lawn on Sunday, but it was special in its own right. It is heralded as one of the best TRs of all, as it was miraculously left unrestored and has... Read More

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Visit The Revs Program at Stanford During Classic Car Week in Monterey

The Revs Program at Stanford is at the biggest and best events during Classic Car Week at Monterey. From the race track to the golf course, you'll see us across the peninsula, with our students engaged in fantastic experiences that span the past, present and future of the automobile.

Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion and Reunion (Google Map)Thursday 08.14 through Sunday 08.17 (Ticket: $50/day)Visit our research team at Turn 4 as we wire up a 1965 Ferrari 250LM (and its driver!)

Tour d’Elegance (Google Map)Thursday 08.14, 7AM-9AM (Ticket: free, open admission)Stanford... Read More

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His Story, Her Story, Car Story

Car stories are about relationships. They’re about collaborating, and going places, and figuring out new things together. Yes, they’re about cars. But they’re about much more than that.

We found that when you ask a diverse group – from China, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the United States – to design a car experience, you hear the most amazing stories. The result of this discussion in our Spring class, ME 236, Tales to Design Cars By, was an incredibly welcoming space for imagining, making, building and racing a unique car adventure. This became our EXPE 2014 exhibition, where... Read More

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A Student's Trip to Bogotá Generates Ideas for S.F.'s Muni Bus System

(This is the second post from Douglas Sharp about Bogotá’s BRT system; to read the first post visit here)

Regardless of Bogotá’s success with its BRT system, San Francisco’s transit needs demand a slightly different approach. For instance, just take a look at San Francisco and Bogotá’s populations:

  • San Francisco: 800,000+ citizens.
  • Bogotá: 7,500,000+ citizens.

Bogotá’s population size and density put it in a different league than San Francisco. While a full-featured BRT system worked well for Bogotá, it may not make sense for many of the current... Read More