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New Video: Historic Vehicles Changing Student Trajectories

In our latest video looking inside the Revs Program, student researchers reflect on their experiences working on the historic vehicles of the The Collier Collection and the impact these vehicles have had on their research and career perspectives. The Collier Collection of Automobiles and a major research library are part of the Revs Institute for Automotive research in Naples, FL. The video was created to mark the public opening of the Revs Institute on March 25.

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New Video: "Who Will Be Driving on the Highway of the Future?"

Revs Director Chris Gerdes highlights great mobility work at Stanford, including the student-built P1 vehicle and Shelley, an Audi TTS. He emphasizes the importance of safety and the role of the "big red button" as well as issues around ethics -- are self driving vehicles cars, or robots?

This Stanford+Connects micro lecture was filmed on location in Pasadena, California. Stanford+Connects is a program of the Stanford Alumni Association.

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J. Christian Gerdes Named Interim Director of The Revs Program at Stanford

Stanford University has appointed Engineering Professor J. Christian Gerdes as the school's interim director of the Revs Program at Stanford, following the passing of Professor Clifford Nass. Launched in April 2011, Revs has advanced multidisciplinary research and teaching focused on the automobile and transportation.

Gerdes has been co-director of Revs since its inception and was one of its founding professors. Since the program's launch in April 2011, he has led the Revs research team in looking at the inner workings of the driver through physiological data synchronized with a... Read More

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How They Did It: Students Explain How They Judged at This Year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

The members of Stanford's ME200 'Understanding Historical Significance,' were given a rare seat at the table at this year's 2013 Pebble Beach Concurs d'Elegance: the opportunity to present a special award at the historic event. The day started for us before sunrise, and after watching the cars roll onto the lawn we were invited to attend the judges’ morning meeting, before setting off to scrutinize the cars on our short list.Our first visit was to one of the 1910 Prinz Heinrich Benz cars, which had over the course of the previous century had its body lost and was completely rebuilt, also... Read More

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Remembering Cliff Nass

It is with great sadness that I tell you we lost our beloved Revs Director Cliff Nass this past weekend. Cliff was taking some much needed R&R in the Sierras this weekend when he suffered a sudden heart attack and died. He was 55.

Cliff's work and influence went well beyond his role as Director of Revs. Cliff was the Thomas M. Storke Professor at Stanford University, with appointments in communication; computer science; education; law; science, technology, and society; sociology, and symbolic systems. He directed the Communication between Humans and Interactive Media (CHIMe)... Read More