Automotive Innovation Facility

The Revs Program at Stanford benefits from use of the Automotive Innovation Facility, which houses the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab (often referred to as 'VAIL'), a state of the art vehicle research facility where interdisciplinary teams can work on projects that move vehicle technology forward. In order to improve safety, sustainability, performance, and enjoyment of automobiles, the Automotive Innovation Facility provides a place for researchers to test new ideas in real vehicles.

The facility opened in 2010 yet has already played a role in significant transportation research. Among these projects include research projects and courses under the direction of the Revs Program at Stanford, drive-by-wire and driver assistance systems research by the Dynamic Design Lab of Chris Gerdes, research on the interaction of drivers with vehicles in a driving simulator operated by the Communication between Humans and Interactive Media Lab of Cliff Nass, the Stanford Solar Car Project that designs, builds and operates the vehicles competing in solar races in North America and Australia, and Stanford’s entries in the 2005 and 2007 DARPA Grand Challenges, led by Sebastian Thrun and the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab.

The facility is also home to our new Open Garage Talk speaker series, held quarterly and open to the public. The building is located towards the western end of Stanford Campus, at the corner of Stock Farm and Oak Road.

Address: 473 Oak Rd., Stanford, CA 94305
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Parking: There are two parking lots nearby. One is southwest of the building on Oak Rd., while the other is a surface lot and structure north of the building on Oak Rd. (After 4:00PM all Stanford meters and lots are open to the public with no fee required).

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For students and staff, more information about training, safety and scheduling can be found here.

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