S. Lochlann Jain, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Professor S. Lochlann Jain’s research is primarily concerned with the ways in which stories get told about injuries, how they are thought to be caused, and how that matters. Figuring out the political and social significance of these stories has led to the study of law, product design, medical error, and histories of engineering, regulation, corporations, and advertising. Her widely reviewed book, Injury, (Princeton University Press, 2006) aims to better understand how certain products come to be understood as dangerous, while others do not -- and what these differences can illustrate about differences such as race and gender and historically contingent notions such as responsibility and negligence. Jain’s current work offers an analysis of the cause and treatment of cancer as a key modality through which American high-tech is experienced and explained. She teaches the Revs sponsored course Car Culture.