We came, we saw, we collected data.

But, we also noticed some brilliant moments of creativity.

The Revs Program at Stanford had a week of rigorous testing in mind during August's Rolex Motorsports Pre-Reunion and Reunion at Laguna Seca. While on the track and around the paddock, however, the raw ingenuity of the sport was hard to avoid.

Those little moments of creativity aren't just passing moments in time, however. As IDEO researcher Jane Fulton Suri explored 'observations on intuitive design' in her landmark 2005 book, "Thoughtless Acts," we too find some of the small worlds of wonder at play here are larger than they appear.

Take, for example, the trained eye of a race track lap timer. In the hands of author and team veteran Sylvia Wilkinson, this little stopwatch has been trimmed of all but its necessary values. What can it teach us about hardware and interface design?

Or, notice the ad-hoc tire pressure numbers found taped on the top edge of a wheel well (and, if you look closely, a previous reading is found scribbled inside the "Y" of Goodyear). Isn't it frustrating that those recommended tire pressure numbers aren't usually readily available, instead hidden away on the inside of the door of our car?

The remainder of the gallery and some of our observations are found here.