When our Revs-sponsored Cadillac course started last Spring, we had vastly underestimated the amount of work it would take to get the car driving again. We were able to pull the entire drivetrain and all critical subsystems apart. Through Spring and Summer we were able to entirely rebuild the steering, suspension, transmission and brakes subsystems with new and refurbished components. Our next major goal is to rebuild the engine, which is currently undergoing professional machining at Gromm Racing Heads in San Jose and should be ready for assembly shortly.

The team takes a break in the middle of brake line removal.

The first class session of ME211 Remake met recently. We have ten students (including three repeat students) and three auditors. Thankfully this quarter we also have Marcus Albonico joining as Course Assistant. A few of the tasks that we will jump right into include: refurbishing our overly-flexed flex plate, refurbishing the fuel tank/lines, and installing a new wiring harness. Mostly we will focus on preparation for installing the new engine once it arrives. Our primary goal is to have the car driving under its own power in November. This is an ambitious plan...but we have most of our new parts in hand and a great new group of students.

The team works on installing new rear shocks.