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A Student's Trip to Bogotá Generates Ideas for S.F.'s Muni Bus System

(This is the second post from Douglas Sharp about Bogotá’s BRT system; to read the first post visit here)

Regardless of Bogotá’s success with its BRT system, San Francisco’s transit needs demand a slightly different approach. For instance, just take a look at San Francisco and Bogotá’s populations:

  • San Francisco: 800,000+ citizens.
  • Bogotá: 7,500,000+ citizens.

Bogotá’s population size and density put it in a different league than San Francisco. While a full-featured BRT system worked well for Bogotá, it may not make sense for many of the current... Read More

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A Digital Tale: Leaded Gasoline Digital Storytelling Project Unveiled

After two academic quarters of research, design, coding, and implementation, students in Stanford's Graduate Program in Journalism launched "Leaded Gas: A Toxic Tale", a web adaptation of Jamie Lincoln Kitman's award-winning article "The Secret History of Lead", originally published in The Nation.


Three journalism masters students, Katie Brigham, Vjeran Pavic, and Matt Hansen, supported by Journalism faculty advisors Ann Grimes and Geri Migielicz - and with research support from Stanford's Revs Program and technical support from Yahoo's Tumblr team - developed a... Read More

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Revs Student Learns from Bogotá’s Buses

Pop quiz: name which city is home to the world’s premier bus rapid transit (BRT) system.

Did you guess Bogotá, Colombia? Would you have if it weren’t in the title of this post?

Five months ago, that pop quiz would have stumped me. During Professor Frederic Stout’s Rev-sponsored Urban Studies 167: The Automobile, the City, and the New Mobilities, Bogotá’s TransMilenio system caught my eye. I had to learn more.

With support from the Revs Program, I traveled in March to Bogotá to see the TransMilenio firsthand. There I met with a handful of stakeholders to gather... Read More

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New Video: Historic Vehicles Changing Student Trajectories

In our latest video looking inside the Revs Program, student researchers reflect on their experiences working on the historic vehicles of the The Collier Collection and the impact these vehicles have had on their research and career perspectives. The Collier Collection of Automobiles and a major research library are part of the Revs Institute for Automotive research in Naples, FL. The video was created to mark the public opening of the Revs Institute on March 25.

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New Video: "Who Will Be Driving on the Highway of the Future?"

Revs Director Chris Gerdes highlights great mobility work at Stanford, including the student-built P1 vehicle and Shelley, an Audi TTS. He emphasizes the importance of safety and the role of the "big red button" as well as issues around ethics -- are self driving vehicles cars, or robots?

This Stanford+Connects micro lecture was filmed on location in Pasadena, California. Stanford+Connects is a program of the Stanford Alumni Association.