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New Video Reveals Bruce Tomb's Maria Del Camino at Stanford

In our latest mini-documentary about the Revs Program at Stanford, we show Bruce Tomb's amazing 'Maria Del Camino' at Stanford. The artist calls his creation "a love poem to the car and her demise." The installation / vehicle was brought in as a part of the 19th Annual Performance Studies International Conference, held at Stanford this summer. Tomb's work with 'Maria' is unique in that it uses the vehicle as a medium, "acknowledging our relationship to the car as a tool; a social activator, altering the environment and our sense of freedom and adventure." Maria started life as a 1959... Read More

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Stanford Students Will Deliver New Award at 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

The Revs Program at Stanford and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance announce a new collaboration today that will result in Stanford University students delivering a trophy at the prestigious collector car event on August 18. Called the Revs Program at Stanford Award, the trophy will be given to the car that the students find to be the “most historically significant.”

But on what basis will students judge automobiles at the event? After all, they don't have the experience of the typical Concours judge, many of whom spend a lifetime focusing on the history of just one automobile... Read More

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Revs Program at Stanford Wins Core77 Design Runner-Up Award

We're proud to announce the Revs Program won first runner up in the Core77 Design Awards for 2013. Our 'ReMake' class was awarded in the group's Educational Initiatives category.

The Core77 Design Awards celebrate the richness of the design profession and its practitioners. For Revs, it is another example of how we are bringing the automobile to the center of the university. Where most people consider automobiles to be the domain of engineering, we strive to make the automobile available across the disciplines. ReMake was a perfect example of that, a collaborative effort to... Read More

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New Video Looks Deeper Into Road & Track Magazine Future

It was with great joy that we announced the Road & Track Magazine archive would come to Stanford in December. Together with the Stanford University Libraries, we plan on organizing the massive collection and eventually making it available for research use here at Stanford and beyond.

The below documentary looks into the future for the collection at Stanford.


This is the first in our series of mini documentaries about the Revs Program at Stanford. We are eager to share more of our story with the world as we put the automobile at the center of the... Read More