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Sorting Clocks To Learn About Automobiles

How might we judge the importance of an object? In ME 200 this quarter, we are taking a long view to approach this question. While the ultimate end result will be to judge a group of automobiles and deliver an award, we are starting with a series of lectures and discussions that force the students to think about how they might determine organizing principles using information and perspective on hand.

Ironically, we won't be discussing automobiles at all for a number of weeks, instead offering experts from the fields of archeology, technology, culture and psychology.

In class... Read More

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New Batch of Revs Courses Launch For Spring

We are proud to announce a new batch of courses for the Spring 2013 quarter at Stanford University. The following courses are official Revs-sponsored classes, open to Stanford students with requirements as listed:

Comm 165N: Cars: Past, Present and Future

Teaching Team: C. Nass, M. Shanks

Focus on the past, present and future of the automobile, bridging the Humanities, Social Sciences, Design, and Engineering. Focus on the human experiences of designing, making, driving, being driven, living with, and dreaming of the automobile. A different theme will be... Read More

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New Video Looks Deeper Into Road & Track Magazine Future

It was with great joy that we announced the Road & Track Magazine archive would come to Stanford in December. Together with the Stanford University Libraries, we plan on organizing the massive collection and eventually making it available for research use here at Stanford and beyond.

The below documentary looks into the future for the collection at Stanford.


This is the first in our series of mini documentaries about the Revs Program at Stanford. We are eager to share more of our story with the world as we put the automobile at the center of the... Read More

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Coda: Cadillac Course Wraps Up, Moves On

When we started our Fall quarter of ME211, we had no engine block and big bins of worn out pumps and rusty parts. In just a few short months we were able to restore, refurbish and rebuild all those parts and install a completed engine in the Cadillac. Still a few wires short of running, to the very end this project remained a lesson in patience and perseverance. Our goal – to get the car running again – really breaks down into many hundreds of smaller projects (e.g. rebuilding the water pump) that can each contain dozens of problems on their own. So the project required literally... Read More

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Q&A on the Future of Autonomous Driving

Bryant Walker Smith is a fellow at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School and the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS) whose current research focuses on the law and policy of self-driving vehicles. Recently, Bryant hosted a workshop entitled “How an Autonomous Driving Bill Becomes Law” at Stanford, including Marilyn Dondero-Loop (Assembly Transportation Committee), Bruce Breslow (Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles), Troy Dillard (Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles), David Estrada (Google) and David Goldwater (Nevada lobbyist). A video of the panel is... Read More