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Revs Course In Literature Authoring New Book

During this quarter in Auto-mobility: the Car in American Literature and Culture, we are revisiting our work from “On the Road,” last spring's Revs-sponsored literature course. Continuing our research, we are writing a book, tentatively titled Auto-mobility: the Car in American Literature and Culture. In our most recent meeting we discussed Gertrude Stein's Ford, Jay Gatsby's hand-built Rolls Royce, women and driving, driving instruction, licensing, suburbs, taxis in New York and Paris, and the growth of the oil industry in relation to the car's increasing popularity.

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Road & Track Magazine Archives Come to Stanford

Today we're announcing that the archives from Road & Track Magazine have a new home at Stanford, where they'll remain in the climate-controlled confines of the Stanford University Libraries for the next 10,000 years. This is a foundational automotive collection for Stanford and further moves the Revs Program to the center of the conversation about automobiles.

Road & Track was one of the transformative special-interest magazines of the 20th century and continues on to this day in its 65th year. For us at the Revs Program at Stanford, it's nearly a perfect fit; great... Read More

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Revs Featured in December Issue of Road & Track Magazine

The Revs Program features prominently in the December 2012 issue of Road & Track Magazine. Editor-in-Chief Larry Webster's column, entitled Finding the Secret Sauce, talks about finding a methodology for achieving driving dynamic bliss. Webster asks, "Can a car's feel be measured?" and looks at one of our research projects as a possible approach to the question.

The article isn't available on the web at the moment, but click here to view the printed page.

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Cadillac Class Starts Anew In Fall Quarter

When our Revs-sponsored Cadillac course started last Spring, we had vastly underestimated the amount of work it would take to get the car driving again. We were able to pull the entire drivetrain and all critical subsystems apart. Through Spring and Summer we were able to entirely rebuild the steering, suspension, transmission and brakes subsystems with new and refurbished components. Our next major goal is to rebuild the engine, which is currently undergoing professional machining at Gromm Racing Heads in San Jose and should be ready for assembly shortly.

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A Tale of Two Monacos

About three quarters of the way through the classic John Candy film "Cool Runnings", the hapless Jamaican bobsleigh team are shown preparing for the the 1988 Winter Olympics using the most cutting edge technology at their disposal. Crammed together in their hotel room's bathtub, team captain Derice Bannock shouts out turn numbers and the rest of the team - Junior (who is responsible for my favorite scene in the movie), Yul Brenner and Sanka - lean left or right depending on the curve they imagine that their bobsleigh simulator is approaching. Since access to the Canada Olympic Park... Read More