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Recording the Hidden Ingenuity of Racing

We came, we saw, we collected data.

But, we also noticed some brilliant moments of creativity.

The Revs Program at Stanford had a week of rigorous testing in mind during August's Rolex Motorsports Pre-Reunion and Reunion at Laguna Seca. While on the track and around the paddock, however, the raw ingenuity of the sport was hard to avoid.

Those little moments of creativity aren't just passing moments in time, however. As IDEO researcher Jane Fulton Suri explored 'observations on intuitive design' in her landmark 2005 book, "Thoughtless Acts," we too find some of the... Read More

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Experiencing Virtual Automotive Worlds, Faithfully

I was 7 when my parents first let me drive. I can remember it well: taking the wheel of a red six-speed ZR1 Corvette (top speed 180 mph, 0-60 in 4.2 seconds), keeping pace with a blue Porsche 928 across the Golden Gate Bridge, down Lombard street towards the Transamerica Pyramid, to the foot of the Bay Bridge, I got my first taste of what it was like to be in control of an automobile. I thought nothing of how lucky I was to get to drive at such a young age - the year before I had flown an Apache Helicopter, was an old pro on the links at Pebble Beach and had played one-on-one basketball... Read More

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Researching Cars Using Chemistry

My name is Owen Falk and I am a 4th year chemical engineering student at Stanford University. This summer I have been working on a research project that combines two of my great passions: cars and chemistry. At the onset, my project seemed simple: research a corroding race car from the 1950’s and find out as much as possible about the chemical reactions taking place. However, by the end of the first week it was clear that this project was much bigger than I expected.

The particular race car that I’m working on is the Cunningham C-4RK. This one-of-a-kind aluminum-bodied race car was... Read More

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Video from Paul Ingrassia's Open Garage Talk

On May 23, 2012, the Revs Program at Stanford launched the Open Garage Talk, a speaker series made to foster new conversations and connections. The idea for the Open Garage Talk series is to combine great speakers, the Stanford community and the the Bay Area to foster new connections. The first speaker at Open Garage Talk was Paul Ingrassia, a journalist who's covered the most challenging time in the history of the automobile and provided us with the sorts of rich stories we're thankful to read now and hold onto forever.

Ingrassia is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and deputy... Read More