Our fundamental belief is that the most successful people, brands and movements are built around a hero and by extension, its fans. Understanding the connection between the hero and their superfans is what we'll explore, a critical new skill if you want to build something of lasting value. You'll deconstruct what made that connection possible and then use what you learned to construct a prototype that a young up-and-coming hero can use as a roadmap.

Through a radical team-based, hands-on, multidisciplinary class, you will interview superfans to come up with the design principles central to heroes. You will learn and utilize the principles of Empathy-Define-Ideate-Prototype-Test components of the d.thinking process. Why do superfans love their heroes? You’ll get to prototype and explore how superfans connect with their heroes, understanding this connective tissue works will give your own ideas a boost. We'll be studying heroes the likes of Dale Earnhardt, Michael Jordan and Stephen Colbert. You will hear from special guests and take a field trip to a racetrack. Sponsored by the Revs Program. Limited enrollment.

Apply here: http://herocoefficient.wufoo.com/forms/hero-coefficient-spring-2013-dschool-application/


When is this class?

Tuesday and Thursday, 1:15 - 3:05 PM in d.school's 'Concept Car' room on the main floor.

Who is this class for? 

Undergraduates and graduate students

Is previous d.school experience required?

No. Newcomers welcome.

What will I do in this class?

Your goal is to deconstruct the hero by interviewing and interacting with their superfans. You will interface with a lot of superusers and do a lot of interviewing. There will be a lot of activities and not a lot of lectures. To get a feel for the connective tissue between a superfan and their hero, you need to get your hands dirty. 

What will the final project be?

You will use all of your interviews as source material for a final project that will be presented to an up-and-coming athlete that she will use to further her career. 

Do I have to have a startup or an idea before I enter this class?

Absolutely not. You'll learn skills that will impact your future ideas, but this class isn't designed to 'build a startup.'