(Note: This course is open to the public upon registration with Stanford's Continuing Studies program)

Most of us are unconscious of design, our interactions with our everyday artifact world, including the design of intangible experiences such as a visit to a car dealership or health care facility.  Each of the ten artifacts presents different challenges in figuring out how it worked, in every sense, and as we progress we will build a toolkit of insights, questions, and concepts that will enable a better understanding of design innovation and creativity, indeed of our human fascination with things.

First offered at Stanford Continuing Studies more than a decade ago, this is a new version of what is now one of the most popular undergraduate courses at Stanford taught by Michael Shanks, our Revs program automotive archaeologist. This new course is offered through Stanford Continuing Studies (continuingstudies.stanford.edu), Winter 2014, on Tuesday evenings, beginning January 14. The venue will depend upon numbers and will be posted on the Continuing Studies web site.

Michael will be sharing insights from his work on car design with the Revs Program as part of a broad review of design through human history.

Register for the class and find out more information here. (This class is open to the public, but you must register)