The Revs Program at Stanford announces its sponsorship of the 19th annual Performance Studies International Conference, held at Stanford from June 26-30. Automotive topics and modules include a performance by Simon Sadler and Bruce Tomb, including the display of his legendary vehicle Maria Del Camino.

Simon Sadler, Professor of Architectural and Urban History in the Art History Program at University of California Davis, will chair the performance of "Media Burn to Maria Del Camino" at the Humanities Center for the Performance Studies International Conference 19. Maria Del Camino is a love poem to the car and her demise, and Bruce Tomb will be one of the performers. This is a project acknowledging our relationship to the car as a tool; a social activator, altering the environment and our sense of freedom and adventure. The Performance Studies International Conference 19 will be held here at Stanford from June 26 to June 30 with panels and performances held at various locations on campus. This collaboration is sponsored by the Revs Program and the Department of Theater & Performance Studies. For more information view the PSi website.