Getting to Building 550 at Stanford

Getting to Building 550 can be a little confusing, so we made this page to help you out:

If you're traveling by car:

- Park in the visitor lot L-39

- This lot can be found by plugging the following address into your GPS: 699 Lagunita Drive, Stanford, CA 94305. 

- If you're parking before 4PM, please park in a visitor space, not a 'C' or 'A' space. Be careful! Whoever designed this lot was sneaky.

- If you're parking after 4PM, all spaces are available to you for free. They don't meter or ticket after 4PM.

- These are 'Pay & Display' lots whereby you pay at the machine with cash or credit card and display a receipt in your vehicle. 

- The walk to 550 is about 10 minutes from this lot depending on the shoes you're wearing.

If you're traveling by taxi:

- Get dropped off at the 'Stanford Oval' and walk your way to building 550 by heading south. This is the traditional front-door to the Stanford campus.

- You can find Building 550 on your smartphone by typing in 'Building 550, Stanford CA 94305' on your maps application or by directly inputting the GPS coordinates: 37.42636,-122.171869

- The walk to 550 is about 5 minutes from this location depending on how often you look down at your phone.